Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Senior Software Engineer, Skilling America

22 million Americans are considered “underemployed” and 50% of American workers want to switch careers. Hope Street Group - a non-profit startup with expertise in workforce, education and technology - is on a mission to help Americans without a college degree start new fulfilling careers.

Build training and tools to help career navigators

As a first step, we’ll be building a digital platform to empower career navigators. Navigators are career counselors, workforce agents, educators and social workers - the people that are on the frontlines of helping people start new careers. There are millions of them, but they need help if they are going to connect their clients to career opportunities. We already have a digital training program for career navigators, but we need your help to build and expand our digital product offering.

Where do we need your help?

We’re a small organization and you’ll be the founding engineer at Hope Street Group, responsible for designing, deploying and maintaining all technical aspects of our platform.

  • Build new tools: you will work side by side with the CEO (ex-Facebook Product Leader) and Chairman (cofounder of LinkedIn) to define and build additional products that generate earned revenue.

  • Provide technical continuity: you’ll be working with other SWEs under contract to get these projects off the ground, we need your help to guide contractors and maintain technical continuity

  • Own Skilling America’s tech stack: our current e-learning platform is built in Ruby, hosted on Heroku. You’ll own the decision across the tech stack: whether/when to move to a new framework/cloud platform, which new technical components to add.

What we’re looking for

  1. Full-stack development: you’re a full stack software engineer that’s not afraid to roll up your sleeves and jump into any engineering problem. You are versatile and can tackle any new technical problems.

  2. Balancing speed and platform longevity: you’re comfortable with rapid prototyping and working in a fast-paced environment, but also know when to slow down and invest in technical infrastructure for the long-haul

  3. Technical leadership: you’ve led or managed other software engineers to build great products (contract or full-time). Non-engineers, especially designers, love working with you.

  4. Passion and empathy: for the American workforce. We want to help all Americans, but navigators can make the biggest difference in low-income areas and communities of color. We need you to have empathy for this audience and be passionate about the problem of getting people onto better jobs and careers.

  5. [Nice-to-have] LMS software: experience working with LMS software and SCORM packages

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