Program Operations

Director of Community Activation (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): San Francisco, United States of America
Work Type: Full Time

Director of Community Activation - JobTok ($170K - $220K) (Remote/California)

Hope Street Group is helping students navigate the world of work. Students who are career misaligned are more likely to be unemployed and earn less later in life. Career misalignment is a trillion $ problem and lower income students are at a greater disadvantage, lacking access to career exploration opportunities. We’re a small but growing non-profit that wants to change how all students in the US dream about their career futures, so that they are all equipped to access the future of economic opportunity.

We are looking for a Director of Community Activation, reporting directly to the CEO, that will…

  • Connect students with career professionals in their community: build the foundations of an operational framework that will ultimately deliver career clarifying “aha moments” to students across the country. We are in the early days of developing this program, so you’ll need to experiment, learn, iterate and adapt. You may be mobilizing a team of teachers, or you may be building a full-time team in-house to support a great student experience, or both. You’ll work to define and implement a reliable approach locally, before scaling our approach out to dozens of locations across the US.

  • Build a community of businesses, professionals, and educators to help students be career aligned and career ready. Our long-term success hinges upon building and maintaining long-term relationships with people in the communities we are operating in. You’ll help us galvanize and activate community support to guide students onto better careers.

  • Make HSG your own: we are building an AI-powered app to augment our operations and support our students along their career exploration journey. You will be expected to go beyond your day-to-day work of activating communities and influence the direction and strategy of the whole organization. More importantly, you will be a steward of our culture, and help shape, develop, and evolve HSG into a world-class organization.

We’re looking for someone who has a successful track record of…

  • Building and maintaining a large number of relationships. You love cultivating relationships with people and you are already connected with locally and nationally influential stakeholders in business, education and government. 

  • Seeding and scaling operations. You are comfortable with developing and iterating on an operational approach from scratch. You know how to replicate and scale a successful operational framework. You understand how you measure, track and improve operational metrics will directly influence our ability to scale a national program that has a high impact on each student.

  • Shaping a truly great remote working culture for an extended team. You know how to hire and manage effectively, and be a leader and champion of culture for all of your coworkers, no matter where they are.

You would join a team that has a track record of building successful tech products, non-profit programs, and leading high-functioning teams:

  • David Ma: CEO, ex-product lead for Jobs marketplace in Facebook

  • Will Hanson: CTO, multi-time VC backed technical founder and previous founder of Intuit's Innovation Lab.

  • Zain Ali: Design Director, previous Head of Design at Y Combinator and first designer at Instacart.

  • Ali Stachura: Program Manager for Skilling America

  • Tabitha Pacheco: Program Director for Teacher Fellows (awarded best non-profit)

This might be the right role for you if…

  • You want to solve a meaningful problem. You are passionate about workforce mobility and career alignment. You fundamentally believe that students across the US need access to more engaging and inspiring career exploration and navigation resources.

  • You have lived experiences in lower income communities and felt/seen the pain of what career misalignment could do to a person’s trajectory in life.

  • You’re looking to join a new project with great potential. You’re excited about building something from scratch. You're someone that loves the idea of iterating, experimenting, and trying new things.

  • You see the untapped potential of communities and want to unlock the goodwill of your fellow people to support our next generation.

What do you get?

  • Flexible PTO

  • Competitive Dental/Medical plans

  • 403b matching (non-profit equivalent of 401K)

  • Great coworkers and fun events

  • A culture of creating value without burnout

  • Join students on coffee chats and tours

  • Create life changing impact for students

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