Senior Product Designer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Hope Street Group - a non-profit startup with expertise in workforce, education and technology - is on a mission to help millions of Americans start new fulfilling careers.

Design and build tools to help Navigators

As a first step, we’ll be building a digital platform to empower career navigators. Navigators are career counselors, workforce agents, educators and social workers - the people that are on the frontlines of helping people start new careers. There are millions of them, but they need help if they are going to connect their clients to career opportunities.

Shape the future

You will be the founding designer of Hope Street Group and report directly to the CEO. You will play a huge role in shaping the vision, product and user experience. 

Make tangible, direct impact

You will talk directly to our end users to understand their needs, design something brand new, and hear their feedback. You’ll bring a design-first mindset to a growing cohort of tech-driven non-profit startups.

What we’re looking for

  • Product design experience: we are building a large number of product surfaces from scratch. So you have to be able to juggle the scope and know when to draw the line and say no. You might be good at this if you have experience as a founding designer at a startup, or worked as a senior product designer with a large scope at a tech company.
  • Research chops: you should deeply understand the needs of navigators, their clients, their collaborators and bosses. You have to be comfortable doing the research yourself: formulating a research plan, talking to different types of people directly, and translating those findings into product designs.
  • Empathy for low-income areas and communities of color: we want to help all Americans, and we will. But Navigators can make the biggest difference in low-income areas and communities of color. We need you to have lived experience in either/both of these communities, or to have other experience that demonstrates humility about their challenges and a commitment to serving them.

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